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Dr. Mary Healy

Dr. Mary Healy, Professor of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Heart Seminary, international Renewal Leader, author and speaker, is also the first female appointed by the Pope to the Pontifical Biblical Commission, his select group of scholar-advisers.

Randy J. Malick

Director of Faith Formation for Adults, holds an MA in Theology and post graduate studies with an emphasis in Sacred Scripture. Randy has led Bible studies for over 20 years around the country.

Fr. Steve Brunovsky

Pastor of St. Hilary, holds a Master’s of Divinity and MA in Theology with a concentration in Sacred Scripture. A gifted teacher, Fr. Steve will inspire you with his knowledge and infectious sense of humor! 

Fr. Matt Jordan

Fr. Matt graduated with a Bachelor's in philosophy from John Carroll University and Borromeo Seminary and a Master's of Divinity and Master's of Arts from St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology. He has traveled to Rome and various places in Europe.  As parochial vicar at St. Hilary in Fairlawn, Ohio, his joy and infectious enthusiasm engender a love for Christ for those to whom he preaches. 

Randy Malick, Faith Formations, St. Hilary Church
Rev. Norm Douglas

Pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Church and former executive director of Heart to Heart Communications Inc. Rev. Douglas is a dynamic speaker, author and avid promoter of spirituality in the workplace. He has moderated several overseas trips and holy land pilgrimages. 

Andrew 2.jpg
Rev. Andrew Abraham

Rev. Andrew J. Abraham, pastor of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, is an extremely engaging and inspiring teacher and writer. For 17 years in pastoral ministry he has taught Holy Scripture in parishes and made multiple trips to the Holy Land as part of his extensive travels as a war veteran.

Fr. Joe Tito

Retired priest of the Diocese of Chicago, from an Italian heritage and a “late” vocation, entered the seminary at 40 after various experiences in the business world, social work and education. Originally formed by Jesuits, he took to diocesan life and worked many years with the Hispanic community.                    A gentle, wise and sweet-spirited man, we are happy to have his spiritual leadership on this incredible journey in the land of our Lord!

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Rev. Susan J. Tiffany

Rev. Susan J. Tiffany is the associate rector at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Akron, Ohio, where she shares her joy in God's saving grace as she leads Bible studies, adult formation, women's retreats, and the Eucharistic feast. Before joining St. Paul's, she served other parishes in the Diocese of Ohio, and in the Diocese of Northern Indiana where she was ordained to the priesthood in 2014.

Fr. Joshua Trefney 

Fr. Joshua Trefney is Parochial Vicar at St. Albert the Great, N Royalton, Ohio. His Master’s of Divinity thesis focused on the healing ministry of Christ, the Apostles, and all Christians up to the present day. He prays and teaches others to pray for healing through Peter’s Shadow and Encounter School of Ministry. With a fine arts background, he is an excellent presenter.

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