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Frequently Asked Questions

-Greece & Italy-

Will I have a roommate in the hotel? 

Yes, the price is based on double occupancy, and you can either request a roommate or you’ll be placed with someone your gender and as close to your age as possible. If you want to request a single room, the price is significantly higher. 


Where will we be staying in Greece & Italy ? 

Very nice 4 Star hotels according to European standard (room size smaller than standard in US)

Hotels in Greece are:
Athens – Cypria Hotel
Thessaloniki – Anatolia Hotel

Hotels in Italy are:

Padova - Biri Hotel

Florence - Grand hotel Mediterraneo 
Rome - Ergife hotel


How many bags can I carry on and check in? 

Each traveler is allowed one carry on (plus a personal item), in addition to being allowed to check one bag. If you can limit it to one check in, it will be less cumbersome while checking into hotels and save us room under the bus. 


What will the weather be like? 

Europe in February is rather cold. You have to be prepared for different type of weather and temperature. Temperature can be 45-60 during day and drop down to 33 during night. There is also 30% chance of some rain. 


Will there be time to shop? 

Yes, there is time factored in for shopping. Our partners there know the best places for the best prices, and we will do our best to steer you away from the places that like to take advantage of tourists. 


How much money should I bring?

We recommend carrying no more than $400 cash with you. Most places take credit cards and there are also cash machines that take a debit card and provide Euro (the European currency) in return. Plan for 12-15 euros on average for lunch each day.


Do you provide travel insurance?

No, we don’t provide travel insurance. We recommend travelers who are interested purchase it at the same time or within a very short time after registering, as respective insurers normally require this.

What kind of clothing do you recommend packing? 

We encourage people to pack modestly. There will never be a time where you have to ‘dress up’ (so leave the tuxedos and evening gowns at home). While touring, it’s perfectly fine to wear casual dress. Jeans are acceptable everywhere we go. Nights can get rather cold. Some sites require everyone to wear pants and shirts with sleeves; we will let you know which ones they are so that you can dress appropriately on that day. Also, bring a warm jacket & rain jacket and small umbrella. Most importantly, pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes as we do a lot of walking. 


What do we do in the evenings? 

After dinner each evening, you’re free to do whatever you would like. There will be times we will have brief meetings to keep people up-to-date logistically or to do a brief study of what’s on tap for the following day. People who like to go out during evening may consult with the group leader or hotel staff about recommended spots.


For specific information about trip costs and what it includes, visit the itinerary page.


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