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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to travel to Israel?
Traveling anywhere, even in the US, has its risks. And surprisingly, it is statistically safer to visit Israel than to go to dinner in any major US metropolitan city!


Israel has some of the best security in the world and yet perception is that the country is subject to violence. Why? Because Israel has the most journalists of any country--whenever anything negative happens--it gets magnified around the globe, giving an exaggerated view of life there. Even despite this, a record number--over 3.5 million people--visited Israel last year.


Tourism is one of its largest and most protected industries. The people we work with live there and have their ear to the ground at all times and, if trouble were in the making, would simply divert us to another significant biblical site. We are not touring near the Gaza strip or near Syria where potential trouble could erupt. We are in the center of the country. One of the most frequent comments by our pilgrims is, "I can't believe how safe I feel." And for good reason! Our guides will do everything to keep us out of harm's way.

Will I have a roommate in the hotel?
Yes, the price is based on double occupancy, and you can either request a roommate or you’ll be placed with someone close to your age and gender. If you want to request a single room, you can but the price is significantly higher. If that is the case, please inform us when you register or shortly thereafter.

Where will we be staying in Israel?

Very nice 4 to 4.5 Star hotels (smaller than American hotels).


How many bags can I carry on and check in?
Each traveler is allowed one carry on (plus a personal item), in addition to being allowed to check one bag . If you can limit it to one check in, it will be less cumbersome while checking into hotels and save us room under the bus. 


What will the weather be like?
For trips in February/Spring, in the Galilee area and in Jerusalem the weather will be in the 50's (10C) - 60's (15C). In May/June, temps range from 80's (27C), 90's (32C). Late Nov/Fall trips range between the 40's (4C) to mid 60's (18C). Desert temps around the Dead Sea and Jordan will be a bit warmer.

Will there be time to shop?
Yes, there is time factored in for shopping. Our partners there know the best places for the best prices, and we will do our best to steer you away from the places that like to take advantage of tourists.

How much money should I bring?
We recommend carrying no more than $300 cash with you. Most places take credit cards and there are also cash machines that take a debit card and provide shekels (the Israeli currency) in return.


Do you provide travel insurance?
No, we don’t provide travel insurance. but presently Israel requires proof of medical insurance for Covid-related illnesses. Most insurers require purchasing insurance at the same time as or within a very short period of time after registering for the trip, particularly for pre-existing conditions.


What kind of clothing do you recommend packing?
We encourage people to pack modestly. There will never be a time where you have to ‘dress up’ (so leave the tuxedos and evening gowns at home). While touring, it’s perfectly fine to wear shorts and tee shirts. Jeans are acceptable everywhere we go. Some sites require everyone to wear pants and shirts with sleeves; we will let you know which ones they are so that you can dress appropriately on that day. Also, bring a rain jacket and small umbrella, as we will be there at the tail end of the rainy season. Most importantly, pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes as we do a lot of walking in the land.


What do we do in the evenings?
After dinner most evening, you’re free to do whatever you would like. There will be times we will have brief meetings to keep people up-to-date logistically or to do a brief study of what’s on tap for the following day. When in Jerusalem, we’ll be in walking distance from the Old City.  At The Sea of Galilee, you’ll be free to walk on the seashore or catch a taxi to nearby Tiberias to experience Israeli nightlife.​

What will the trip cost and what all does it include? 
Each trip varies in cost based on variables such as airfare, time of year, and duration of trip. 
For more information on each specific trip's cost and what it includes,
please visit the trip itinerary page.


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