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  Proposed Itinerary 
11-Day Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

with Fr. Joshua Trefney & Fr. Kevin Fox
Nov 10-20, 2024


Nov 10 - Depart from Cleveland for Tel Aviv

Nov 11 - Arrive in Tel Aviv and drive to the village where Jesus grew up and enjoy freshly prepared Mediterranean lunch in Nazareth. Visit the Basilica of the Annunciation where Gabriel announced to Mary that she would be the Mother of God, and see and newly uncovered Childhood home of Jesus. If time, visit Mt Precipice, the cliff over which the villagers tried to throw Jesus after announcing he was the Messiah

Nov 12 - Begin at Mt of Beatitudes, where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mt, then north to
ancient city of Dan, see “Abraham’s Gate” through which is believed Abraham first entered
the Promised Land, and
Jeroboam’s Temple. Go to Caesarea Philippi where Jesus asked his
disciples, “Who do you say I am?” and then the overlook to Syria on the Golan Heights

Nov 11 - Visit the site of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, the seashore of Sea of Galilee where after his resurrection, Jesus reinstated Peter to leadership, Bethsaida where five of the apostles grew up, then at the center of Jesus’ public ministry, Capernaum-the Synagogue
where Jesus taught, and Peter’s House, where Jesus lived

Nov 14 - Relax with a peaceful ride in a fisherman’s boat on the Sea of Galilee, see Magdala,
village of Mary Magdalen, a 1st Cent. Synagogue where Jesus taught and healed, then up to Mt
Tabor the traditional site of Jesus' Transfiguration, and shopping at a local Galilean market

Nov 15 - Travel through Jordan River Valley to Jesus’ Baptism Site, then to the Essene’s
Qumran, and where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Then up to Jerusalem,
the Mt of Olives, Church of Tears where Jesus lamented over Jerusalem. Walk Palm Sunday
Path, from which he made his Triumphal Entry, to Garden of Gethsemane

Nov 16 - Onto Bethlehem, Jesus' birthplace at Church of Nativity and adjoining Shepherds Hill,
where David was born and tended his flocks and the angels announced the birth of Jesus. Then
Pool of Siloam where Jesus sent the blind man he cured to wash his eyes, Upper Room of
Last Supper and Pentecost

Nov 17 - Go to Notre Dame Shroud of Turin replica display, then to St. Anne's, Mary's childhood
Pools of Bethesda where Jesus healed the lame man. Pray the Stations of the Cross on

Via Delarosa, to the Church of Holy Sepulcher (Golgotha, Resurrection Chapel). Shop in the
Old City. Walk to the Southern Steps that Jesus and his disciples used to walk into the Temple
and where he often taught. Pray at
Western (Wailing) Wall

Nov 18 - Be an amateur archaeologist(!) at “Dig for a Day” in Beit Guvrin, visit Biblical Garden
Yad Hashmona and Museum to learn about daily life in Jesus’ time

Nov 19 - Judean hills to Ein Kerem, John the Baptist's hometown,
Church of the Visitation of
Mary and Elizabeth, then Abu Gosh traditional site of Emmaus, visit Elah Valley, where David
fought Goliath, then end at Joppa, port city where Peter had his vision to take the Gospel to the
Gentiles and from which Jonah tried to flee from the Lord instead of preaching to Ninevites.
Enjoy our
Celebration Meal, then off to the airport.

Nov 20 - Return to Cleveland

Grow deeper in your faith through daily Mass at significant biblical sites, great teaching, times
for prayer, shopping, and enjoying the sights and sounds of the Holy Land!

Join us for this unforgettable experience for only $2629 land costs/person for double

occupancy if $500 nonrefundable deposit is paid by check before Feb 15, 2024; balance due July 31, 2024. (Both deposit and balance may be paid by credit card, but charges are applied.)

This is an all-inclusive price (for dual occupancy) for hotels, breakfast, dinner, bus, guide,
entrance fees to sites, and tips, with exception of lunches, traveler-medical insurance (required
for covid-related illness). Airfare will be priced and announced at a later date, and due July 31,

2024. Space is very limited. Register today!

all-inclusive Israel tour with airfare
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