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  Proposed Itinerary 
11-Day Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

with Rev. Andrew Abraham
Nov 28 - Dec 8, 2022


Sea of Galilee
Sea of Galilee

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Sea of Galilee

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Sea of Galilee
Sea of Galilee

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See with your own eyes the hills and landscapes and walk the roads and visit places Jesus knew intimately throughout His earthly life! Join experienced Holy Land traveler and Bible instructor, Lutheran pastor, Andrew Abraham, to encounter more fully the power of Jesus’ life, ministry, death and resurrection in those places where it happened! Dramatically increase your knowledge of Jesus and the Holy Scriptures, creating a deeper, more fervent love forJesus and his Word.

Full itinerary.

Day 1 - Travel to Israel from Nashville airport.


Day 2 -  Arrive at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and go to Mt Carmel for a breathtaking view of Jezreel Valley, with Biblical villages of the Galilee dotting the landscape, flanked by the Mediterranean Sea. Stop in Megiddo, an extremely impressive archaeological site that overlooked the most important ancient trade route in the Middle East, the Via Maris.

Nof Ginosar (Gennesaret) for dinner and overnight (next four nights).


Day 3 -  Begin at Mt of Beatitudes where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, then to Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes to Primacy of Peter where Jesus ate breakfast on the seashore with his disciples after the Resurrection. Explore the center of Jesus’ ministry— Capernaum—the Syngogue where Jesus taught, and Peter’s House, where Jesus lived. End at the Boat Museum to see a 1st century fisherman’s boat.


Day 4 -  Visit Magdala, the village of Mary Magdalen, one of the most important archaeological finds in Israel of the last 50 years. Relax on the beautiful Sea of Galilee with a ride in a fisherman‘s boat.  Head to Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle changing water into wine at a wedding. Travel to Mt Tabor, the traditional site of Jesus’ Transfiguration.


Day 5 -  See Caesarea Maritima, where Paul was imprisoned for 2 years. From there he and Peter were sent to Rome. In Nazareth Village and Gardens meet villagers practicing crafts of biblical times. See replicas of a first century synagogue, olive press, watch tower; authentic 1st century stone quarry, grain fields and a vineyard. Visit Basilica of the Annunciation and Mary‘s home. Free time and lunch in Nazareth marketplace. Then to Mt Precipice, where people drove Jesus to the brow of the hill to throw him down.


Day 6 -  Enjoy scenic walkway to the ancient city of Dan, see Jeroboam’s temple ruins, lookout to Lebanon, and Abraham’s Gate (through which he entered the Promised Land) and tour the impressive ruins of Dan. Then to Caesarea Philippi where Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say I am?” Visit Chorazin, one of the three main villages where Jesus taught and did mighty miracles.


Day 7 -  Travel through Jordan River Valley to Jesus’ Baptism Site, onto Qumran where Essenes lived and wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. Stop at lookout to Jericho. Conclude at Israel Museum to walk around the miniature model of ancient Jerusalem at time of Jesus. Dinner and overnight at Lady Stern, Jerusalem and for the remainder of our visit.  


Day 8 -  Visit Mt of Olives and walk the Palm Sunday Path Jesus took into Jerusalem for his Triumphal Entry; the Church of Tears where he wept over the City; his place of agony in the Garden of Gethsemane. Tour newly discovered ruins of the City of David and Pool of Siloam where Jesus sent the blind man he cured to wash his eyes. Onto Bethlehem, Jesus’ birthplace at the Church of the Nativity, and adjoining Shepherds Hill, where David was born and tended his flocks and the angels announced the birth of Jesus.   


Day 9 - Tour the Tunnels underneath the Temple Mt upon which was the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies. Visit St. Anne’s, Mary’s childhood home, and the Pools of Bethesda where Jesus healed the lame man. Follow the Passion of Jesus through the Via Dolorosa to the Church of Holy Sepulcher housing Golgotha and Resurrection Chapel. Walk to the Southern Steps that Jesus and his disciples used to walk into the Temple and where he often taught. Pray at Western (Wailing) Wall.


Day 10 - Go to the Upper Room of the Last Supper & Pentecost, followed by Home of Caiaphas, St. Peter Gallicantu, and to Garden Tomb (alternative site of the Lord’s resurrection). Head to Elah Valley where David defeated Goliath. Pass by Ayalon Valley where Joshua battled and the sun miraculously stood still, and finally to Joppa, port city where Peter had his vision to take the Gospel to the Gentiles  and from which Jonah tried to flee from the Lord instead of preaching to Ninevites. Enjoy our Celebration Meal, then off to the airport.


Day 11 - Arrive Home.

Please note:  This Itinerary is subject to change based on circumstances at the time.

Join us for this unforgettable experience for only $2495/person in land costs if paid by check before April 30, 2022, with partial payment (deposit) of $500 if paid by check by Nov 30, 2021. That is an all-inclusive price (for dual occupancy) for hotels, breakfast, dinner, bus, guide, entrance fees to sites, and tips, with exception of lunches and airfare. Prices for airfare will be available in January of 2022. Space is limited. For more info and to register online: Mail your deposit check for $500 payable to: Incredible Journeys LLC, 3242 Dowling Dr, Fairlawn OH 44333--or pay deposit on the website (credit card charges apply). Qs:

all-inclusive Israel tour with airfare
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